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We are growing in Christ

The Departments
and the 12 Lineages

These exist to speed up the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Administration Department, The IT and Media Department, The Technical Department and The Growth Department

Glory Technical Department consists of all those responsible for the live production that happens during a gathering. We consider our technical team the behind-the-scenes Worship leaders! They create environments that inspire and facilitate encounters with God. The IT and Media guys are responsible for IT infrastructure including physical and virtual servers and computer networks. IT office equipment: Including desktop PCs, laptops and tablets.

The Administration Department is responsible for day to day running of different activities at and around church. These people will receive your emails, respond to you and also welcome you if you happen to come to our church on a non-service day. The Growth Department oversees the activities in the growth system which include, classes, evagelism, ministry and others.


Every member at our church has a special fellowship we call a lineage

In Lineages we share, pray and play, love, cry and celebrate together

Esther, Restored To Restore Others

Israel, God's Chosen Nation

Daniel, We Know our God, we are strong, we do great exploits.

David, We are anointed to govern

Moses, Leaders to Destiny

Elijah, Called To Establish Gods Kingdom

Joseph, By God's Word We Are Blessed

Solomon, Leading people God's way

Ephraim, We lead and others follow

Deborah, Determined to succeed

Joshua,We Are More Than Conquerors

Nehemiah,Building Together, Winning Together