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We have a number of ways you can get involved in our ministry.

Bible study classes
& Prayer

Growth is a natural result of a relationship with God. As we grow closer to Him, we are changed into His image. That’s the only way to achieve real, lasting change. It’s a process that continues throughout our lives as we grow in faith, love, maturity and knowledge- therefore a reason for Bible Study classes.

Free Bible classes are incorporated into our Growth Model Curriculum. We have different levels and classes as explained below. Class 1 Encounter Class- Salvation in details. Assurance of salvation. Curses and deliverance, Baptism. Class 2 Transformation Class- a life of a Christian into a new Christian mindset

Class 3 Membership class – Formal integration of believers into a spiritual family (Glory of Christ). Class 4 Bethel class–Introduction to principles of Ministry. Class 5 Shepherd Class- Equips ministers with skills of leadership and to attain the level of Christ maturity. Class 6 Disciples heart- Gives maturity to Leaders


Prayer is the heart of Christian worship. Glory of Christ Church is anointed to specifically teach you how to pray, what to pray and why to pray


When you send in your prayer requests, they are instantly sent to the pastoral team.

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